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Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Rings is a gaming world heavily steeped in Oriental fantasy. There is/was a CCG, RPG, TTG and Larp rules in existence, and while I am not as heavily into it as I once was, it is still a keen setting which had some decent writing and clever ideas.

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"The purpose of life is to light a small candle in the darkness of being.
If all of us could do that, the world would be as bright as the sun."
					-Moto Amadare

"Soon, the Empire will have even forgotten what it was fighting for."
                                        -Morikage, part two

"The weight of the world falls on those who believe they must carry it."
                                        -Tombo Toryu

"Neither will I."

"The ninja moved like the wind, slicing through the samurai and laughing.
 'You cannot defeat me,' Shosuro whispered as the last one fell. 'I am the
                                        -"Never Yield"

"I shall clasp my hands together and bow to the cornerstones of the 

"Isolation does not necessarily mean safety."
                                        -from _Way of the Phoenix_

"They will call him a traitor, a coward, and more. But he was also our
 leader, and my father. And in the end, that was enough."
                                        -Hida Yakamo, at Kisada's funeral

"Brave deeds may be forgotten; brave people never die."
                                        -Kakita Rensei

"One should make a decision in the space of seven breaths. More, and 
 courage flees; less, and impatience dulls the strike."
                                        -Otako Shiko

"His eyes were stone, his laughter shook the earth, and his fingers
 shattered iron and steel. He needed no army; my troops fled in terror at
 the sound of his name."
                                        -Mirumoto Taki,
                                        on the shujenga Mohai

"To Jigoku with kami and their commands. I will never be Shinjo's pawn."
                                        -Yoritomo, refusing the throne

"Virtue comes only after you have lost your way."

"The Kami staggered through the gate into my arms, and I heard Ginawa's
 yell. 'At last,' Ginawa said, 'at last.'"
                                        -Matsu Hiroru

"No pain. No tears. No regret."         
					-the Sleeping Lake,
				presumably said by Bayushi Kachiko

"You must force destiny to hear you. Fate has no place for humble men."
                                        -Yoritomo Masasue

"I thought Naga arrows never miss."
                                        -Hida O-Ushi, to the Balash

"You are only a mortal," Onnotangu snarled.
"I may be born of mortal man," the monk said grimly, "but I choose my own
                                        -"War in the Heavens"
"Ill fortunes arrive only when the door has been left open for them. Good
 fortune knocks, and is too often turned away."
                                        -from the True Tao
"One day, your grandchildren will remember that you were here when the
 Scorpion marched against the Shadow. So pay attention, heimin, and spread
 the tale."
                                        -Bayushi Hisa,
                                        "Remember What You Have Seen"

"Wisdom comes with wounds, Turi. If the path is easy, it is the wrong
                                        -Matsu Ketsui
"Fire shone from Karasu's mask and a look of fear crossed Yori's face.
 'I do not fear you, sorcerer, and that will be your undoing.'"
                                        -from _The Vedic's Tale,_ vol. 1

"There are not enough names."
                                        -Toritaka Yotogi

"How long is a life?" the student asked the Master.
"One breath," was the reply.
                                        -from the True Tao

"Nothing can save you from your own fear."
                                        -Moto Notu
"Darkness is our enemy, and we must tear it apart with the light of a
 thousand stars."
                                        -Bridge to Jigoku
"I cannot fight them, Yakamo-sama. The Naga betrayed us and attacked our
 empire." Nezu knelt before his Master and bowed his head. "Then fight  
 beside me," was the Crab's only reply.

"For a thousand years, he has been the keeper of the gates to Jigoku.
 Kaede guided us to him, and if the Empire has a hope for the future, it
 is with the Tenth Kami."

"The force of chi is this: to be swift at the beginning and the end, and
 tranquil in the middle."
                                        -Revealing the Ancient Wisdom

"True samurai must keep constantly in mind, by day and night, the fact 
 that they must die."
                                        -Spirit Legion

"If you know what it is to lose all for which you have fought and bled, 
 and you still have the strength to try again, then you are truly my son."
                                        -Hida Osano-Wo

"Do not worry that no one recognizes you. Seek to be worthy of 
 recognition. Do not carry a sword that is famous. Make your own sword
 famous with your deeds. Do not worry about the rigors of life. Concern
 yourself only with courage in death."
                                        -Seppun Murayasu

"A whispered prayer was all the battle cry she gave. The ancestors would
 hear her, or she would make them listen with her deeds."
                                        -Otaku Xieng Chi

"Anyone can be prepared to kill. A samurai is, at all times, prepared to
					-the Retired General

"To awaken, sit calmly and let each breath open your heart. Only when your
 mind is at peace can you listen to the world."
                                        -Ikoma Technique

"Gripping the bloody wakizashi, the ronin fled to the empty Phoenix lands.
 He could not have known what he would find there, or what destiny
 Ambition would bring."
                                        -The Last Days of the Emperor, 
                                         volume 2

"The Shadow tore at the ancient stone and drew blood from the ground in
 the land of the dead, but if any of its kind approached Ginawa, he
 invariably destroyed them. They had reached an agreement, the Shadow and
 the ronin: he didn't provoke it, and it didn't care if he drank himself
 into a stupor. He would be dead soon enough."
                                        -Soul of the Empire

"And I am twenty-one."
                                        -Aramasu, at Yoritomo's side

"Each morning we are born again, it is what we do today that matters."
                                        -Agasha Fujita

"Once more Yakamo walks to war, with the eyes of a serpent, the tenacity
 of a Crab, the courage of a Thunder, and the soul of the Shashakar 
 guiding him."
					-Hitomi and Yakamo

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