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The Brujah. Note the familiar faces.

The Tremere: (L to R) Jonathon Trask, Natasha Moriz, Darius.

The leftovers, from the end of Arc Seven. NPCs, villians and Clanless, all.

A black and white shot of the Storytellers, probably from the Sixth Arc or so.

Darin Mitchell, Gangrel Prince of College Park
Photo courtesy Seth P.

First Arc pics courtesy Lars E.

The Brujah Clan
Note: earliest known photo of Mr. Hate

The Malkavian Clan
Left to right: William Durius, Moriarty, Lt. Jack Drake

The Ventrue Clan

The Primogen Council
L to R: Gangrel, Brujah, Tremere, Nosferatu, Ventrue, Toreador, Malkavian.

The Primogen Meeting
See, they were just as exciting back then. Hey look, it's Darin!

The illustrious Jane Kessler
Also noticeable is the majority of Mr. Trask on the right, and Carol Reid on the left.

Righthand corner, that's Rumple. He's the rat you all keep summoning to run errands for you.
Also in the picture, one Robert du Gaul, Nosferatu extraordinaire, implicated in the death of Jeremiah Crowley and later burned for Infernalism.

The Storytellers from the First Arc.
Dave and Tamika weren't Storytellers, they just snuck into the picture.

College Park By Night

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